Robin Hardy‬, ‪The Wicker Man‬‬

Digitaldownloadstoday are sad to hear of the death of Robin Hardy, director of The Wicker Man.  One of my all time favourite films. Strange and disturbing, The Wicker Man was Hardy’s directorial debut.

Set on the pagan Scottish Island of Summerisle, it tells the story of police sergeant Neil Howie investigating a missing teenager.  When he arrives he finds the locals less than helpful putting obstacles in his way at every opportunity. It is all a set up as Howie finds out to his cost…

The film was re-made badly in 2006 a diluted version with none of the atmosphere and tension of the first film.

(Note: Unlike the remake, because of certain content,  this original 1973 version is strictly R rated and not suitable for children at all)

Robin Hardy RIP